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Slings and lashing systems

About us

Eslingas y Embalajes SL is a family-run company with more than 50 years experience in the packaging and steel industries. Since its beginnings it started manufacturing packaging made of different material for steel bars that travelled by sea and had to undergo the inclement weather, and solutions were found for these bars not to rust or deteriorate. The company gradually evolved and adapted to the changing needs of the industry, introducing new materials and products such as textile slings, which became essential for the fastening, elevation and transport of heavy packages, and steel slings that provide a greater support and safety for sharp edges.

Since its outset, the priority of Eslingas y Embalajes SL was to offer top quality products and to continuously adapt to the new times and customer’s needs, introducing new materials and technology to be able to offer the best quality standards.


Our background

Our factory is located in Canovelles, Barcelona, where we manufacture slings of different characteristics such as disposable slings and slings of various measurements and different capacities and weights. At our plant we take care of the whole process: we weave the high-tensile and top-quality polyester thread in the weaving machines, we perform the cutting, the stitching, the labelling and we finally certify the quality of the slings at our facilities, as we have the machinery required to do so and the qualified staff with many years of experience in the industry.

As manufacturers, we can easily and efficiently adapt to the clients’ requirements, without wait times and in a swift way.

At our factory we also manufacture steel wire rope slings, carrying out the entire process on site, cutting the cable, pressing the safety locking, labelling, etc. and we also make the different types of paper, jute or plastic packaging for the steel industry.

What makes us different?

For some years now, we have also been importing some of our products: ratchets, hooks, some multipurpose slings, load fastening slings, etc. We have been working for more than 10 years with the best companies in the sector of lifting and lashing elements that manufacture for the major brands.

Once a year we visit our supplier’s facilities to check how they manufacture the products and how they certify their quality.

Importing this material enables us to offer a wide array of products, at very competitive prices and with the highest quality assurance.

After working for many years for the steel industry, at Eslingas y Embalajes SL we are taking a step further by offering all our experience to the general public and private retail customers through our online shop.

We would like to meet all the requirements of the different groups (lorry drivers, crane drivers, carriers, 4×4 enthusiasts, etc.) or private customers who need to fasten or load packages or parcels in different ways: by means of slings, ratchets or any other lashing material. There are many systems and materials for this loading or fastening to be performed safely, reducing unexpected incidents, accidents and costs.


What can you find on our website?

Our online shop has a wide array of slings, of different types, measures and weights such as endless flat slings, slings with one or two straps, etc. We can provide standard slings and we also offer the possibility of manufacturing specially tailored slings by contacting us.

A wide range of multipurpose slings of different sizes and weights are available. As well as steel slings in different weights.

And naturally, we have also included in our catalogue other complementary products to be able to lash loads in different ways: pawls, hooks, ratchets, etc.
Information about these materials, use and specific characteristics is available on our website in order for it to be easier to know which adapts best to each requirement and we are at your service for any enquiries.

All these products can be purchased individually in packs or in large amounts, in bulk; you can purchase just one product or you can enquire about how to buy in bulk.
Although the online shop is designed to purchase products without a minimum order or for individual retail purchases, we continue to work for the professionals of the industry and for the companies of any sector with different requirements.

Through our website, we offer our clients our experience and knowledge. Together we can make a perfect team seeking the nest solution to any challenge presented to us. We will find the best way to lift, lash, fasten and transport any load.

We are pleased to start this new stage and we hope to continue to grow as a company offering the best price-quality in our products and our technical experience.

Welcome to our online shop!

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